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How it works

Our pricing is designed to be simple, transparent, and scale as your usage grows. Epsio is deployed within your environment, and priced based on the number of CPUs the Epsio deployment runs on.

How many CPUs does my deployment need?

Although the number of CPUs needed for your deployment depends on your specific use case, queries, and throughput, we have found that the number of CPUs needed for Epsio is usually significantly smaller than the number of CPUs needed to run your database workload.

Additionally, since Epsio removes load from your database, you can expect to be able to run your database on a smaller machine than you currently do / scale it less often.

Free Trial

To help you evaluate Epsio, we offer a free trial for Epsio. The free trial is limited to 30 days, and is not limited in terms of the number of CPUs you can use / number of deployments. Following the 30 days trial, you will need to add a payment method to continue using Epsio.

How much does Epsio cost?

Epsio is priced per CPU. The price per CPU is $0.144/hour, or $105/month and the minimum recommended deployment size is 2 CPUs.

Number of CPUs Price per CPU / hour
2 $0.288
4 $0.576
8 $1.152
16 $2.304
32 $4.608

Does Epsio charge for storage, networking or throughput?

No. Epsio only charges for the number of CPUs used. Epsio does not charge for storage, networking, or any other resource used by Epsio.