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Define your first query

In order to define a query which will be handled by Epsio, just call epsio.create_view in your original database:

CALL epsio.create_view('revenue_per_genre', 
    'SELECT movies.genre genre, sum(purchases.price) revenue 
     FROM purchases
     LEFT JOIN movies on = purchases.movie_id 
     GROUP BY movies.genre');

From that point on, Epsio will maintain the results of that query, updating it incrementally as changes are made.

Query ViewsΒΆ

In order to retrieve the results, just query your original database (which forwards the query to Epsio using the foreign data wrapper mechanism):

SELECT * FROM revenue_per_genre;

Since Epsio views function just like any other PostgreSQL view/table, you can also run more complex queries on top of the views you create:

SELECT, ROUND(revenue / 100) * 100
FROM revenue_per_genre
JOIN genres ON
ORDER BY revenue LIMIT 5